Microtalks presentations and docs (6-24-11)

The video has yet to be edited, but I’ll get links to Youtube up when they’re available. Anyone with useful commentary on any of these subjects is encouraged to join in.


Jon Jones – The Art of Getting Noticed (link to blog post, with link to PPT slides as well)

Denis Loubet – How to Sink Your iPhone App Without a Ripple (no slides, but fascinating!)

Sara Jensen Schubert – Simple RPG Math (DOC)

Fred Schmidt – Opportunities to Build Austin’s Creative Industries (PDF)

Damion Schubert – About Innovation (no slides yet!)

Quoc Tran – From Startup to Survival (PPT)

Carl Canga – Investment Planning (ODP)



Carl’s linked slides are not actually the slides he wanted to use, which ended up not working at all. He was so practiced at the speech, and spoke well enough that it ended up not mattering. The slides come from Ameriprise Financial, where he works as a planner.

Quoc’s slides were originally presented in KeyNote, but we didn’t have an adapter for his MacBook, and for some reason his export wouldn’t open in Microsoft PowerPoint. However, the same file he exported got recognized by Google Docs right away.