Senior and Mid-level engineers, Console and/or Desktop (Mac/PC/Linux)

  • Full Time
  • Austin
  • This position has been filled

AspyrMedia Aspyr Media, Inc

We currently have openings for mid and senior-level engineers who want to work on Mac, mobiles or consoles (or even all!!!).  Yes, we traditionally bring AAA games to Mac however we have also blazed a trail on Linux in addition to growing into iOS, Android and PC.  As per the idea we are seeking console talent…AND 0x2 with 0b10 and figure at least one area out of the many we are also looking to grow.  While our process is fundamentally porting, the technical challenges presented by bringing AAA games to new platforms are not that much different than the tasks of a systems engineer doing original development.  We have mature technology to assist with this, but as per our roadmap there’s also plenty of scope for new talent to shape it.



  • Deep experience and currency in C/C++.
  • A passion for quality
  • Generalist – you’ll have worked in at least a couple of different areas of AAA professional game development and have a mix of experience developing various subsystems
  • Senior Console candidates will have hands on experience in console game development, with published AAA titles to show for it.
  • Senior Desktop candidates will have hands on experience in Mac and/or iOS game development, with published AAA titles to show for it.
  • Proven ability to work with large and potentially unfamiliar codebases without running for the hills.
  • 4+ years of programming experience in the AAA games industry.

Highly Desirable:

  • Objective-C
  • Familiarity with as much middleware and third party solutions (incl. open source) as possible.  We work with it all.
  • If you’re Desktop focused, other platform experience is a plus too.
  • If you’re Console focused, Mac and/or iOS experience is cool.
  • Graphics knowledge, especially OpenGL/GLES, Direct3D, HLSL, GLSL, Metal or Vulkan.
  • Prior experience in other specialist areas (unique skills brought to the table are wanted here).

Nice to have:

  • Unreal Engine 3/4 or other very popular engine experience (we are not chained to any particular engine, but many of our titles deploy popular solutions so anything specific is a very nice checkbox).
  • Linux development experience.