IGDA-Austin Microtalks Presents: JOY

The next Microtalks show is coming Thursday, Aug. 21! Sign up on Eventbrite for your FREE ticket!

What can be said in 10 minutes? When the subject is making video games, it’s dangerous to go alone. And it’s best to get straight to the point, even when the theme is JOY.

JOY is the theme for the latest speaker symposium presented by IGDA-Austin, scheduled for the evening of Thursday, Aug. 21. Doors will open at 7 p.m., with opening announcements to begin at 7:30.

Location will be the auditorium inside Retro Studios’ offices in North Austin.

Speakers include some of the best Austin has to offer from within and without its video game industry, from technology, design, art, audio, research and the world beyond. What does what they do relate to the subject of joy? How much does joy matter when the subject is video games? And how much can they say about it in 10 minutes?

Let’s find out! The show is free, but seating is limited, so please sign up only if you’re sure you plan to attend!

Microtalks at Austin City Hall: Home for the Holidays

Mark your calendars. Doors at 7, talks at 7:30. Austin City Hall, Council Chambers. Sign up on Facebook!


A first time for Microtalks, all the speakers are given a non-binding challenge in addition to the 10-minute time limit: Talk About Austin.

There are lots of places to be a professional game developer, and many more still where games are made. The more experience a dev gets, the more in demand they could get and, in the pursuit of the opportunities they want, they might be lured to move away.

Why then, does anyone want to move to, or stay, in Austin?

IGDA-Austin Presents: Microtalks at City Hall, HOME FOR THE HOLIDAYS. Featuring, in non-essential order:

Gordon Walton
Jennifer Babson Bullard
Sheri Graner Ray
Patrick Curry
Randy Smith
Sean Barton
Tess Snider
Adam Creighton
and John Henderson

We’ll gather afterward at The Ginger Man at 3rd and Lavaca (two blocks north on the east side of the street.)

Mark your calendars and tell your friends!

Microtalks at Austin City Hall

Sign up here. Speaker list below.
10 minutes to speak with authority about what matters. Friday, August 9. Austin City Hall, 2nd and Lavaca, council chambers.

On-site parking is available for free! Approach City Hall on the south side along Cesar Chavez and turn north onto Lavaca, then immediately turn left toward City Hall and drive down to the underground parking garage. Parking stubs will be validated for all attendees. Enter through the front doors.

Doors open at 7 p.m. for socializing. Speakers will start at 8 p.m. After-show socializing will be at The Ginger Man, 2 blocks north of City Hall along Lavaca.

Speakers, in no particular order:

Alicia Andrew, studio director, art director
Jesse Sosa, creative director/co-founder, Dinosaur Entertainment
Aaron Standridge, sound designer/programmer, Rogue Operative Studios
Chad Mossholder, composer and sound designer, Sony Online Entertainment Austin
Lance Myers, game and film animator, Spacetime Studios, Lance Fever
Chilimbwe Washington, filmmaker, Mocha Latte Productions
Geoff Yetter, animation/video game industry liaison, Texas Film Commission

Microtalks in Studio 6A: Everyone’s Back to School

Coming THIS FRIDAY! Sign up on Facebook!
Everyone’s looking forward to the end of summer in Austin, except maybe those going back to school. But there’s no reason not to look forward to the start of a new school year, especially when MICROTALKS IS COMING WITH IT.
This is a FREE SHOW. IGDA membership is ENCOURAGED, but NOT REQUIRED. Microtalks is a speaker symposium in the vein of TED, O’Reilly’s IGNITE or pecha-kucha, where each speaker gets a limited amount of time (10 minutes) to speak with authority about his or her chosen subject.
Our focus is insight into video game development and the industry thereof, and reasons to appreciate Austin and what it has to offer said industry and those who are part of it.
If you haven’t been to KLRU Studio 6A, GET FAMILIAR WITH THE LOCATION AND SCOUT IT OUT FIRST. While the event is free, parking likely will not be. We’ll have refreshments available, and we’re hoping to line up a sponsor to cover costs.
Speakers to include:
Chris Kokkinos – Gamesalad designer, audio guy, occasional bartender
Shay Pierce – mobile game developer and occasional headline-grabber
Sheri Graner Ray – speaker, author, game designer, race car driver, no one’s novelty
Billy Joe Cain – not just the Rock Band guy, seeker of Better Ways
Dan Magaha – the boss you wish you had, and that he’d wish to be
Larry Kleinkemper – laser beams and community building
with musical guest, Amanda Lepre ( www.amandalepre.com )!
Please help us spread the word! We want to pack as many seats as we can!

Microtalks coming back, May 11!

Microtalks is coming back to Studio 6A, KLRU, on the UT-Austin campus, on Friday, May 11. Rock Band is coming, too!


Special thanks to our sponsor, DeVry University!
Free drinks and fun networking! Bite-sized insight from hand-picked experts with stuff to say relevant to game development, in Austin and beyond!
Facebook signup page. Help us keep track of guests!
SCHEDULE OF EVENTS: (and it’s OK to be a little late to this)
5:30 p.m.: Doors open!
6 p.m.: Rock Band 3 with the Oh S–t! I Didn’t Mean To Do That Band, with AUDIENCE PARTICIPATION!
8 p.m.: Speakers!
10 p.m.; Clear out! (too many parties to mention otherwise)
SPEAKERS: (Google them!)
Moises Chiullan – all about crisis communications
Sheri Graner Ray -“fitting in” as part of a creative team
Alexander Brandon – remote game production
Jon Jones – checking the health of your employer
Jorie Stuckwisch – workplace wellness from a dietitian