About Austin Game Devs

Austin Game Devs is a nonprofit advocacy group for the video games industry in Austin, Texas. Our goals are focused on strengthening professional game development in the Austin area by…

  1. Fostering a sense of community among game developers
  2. Keeping talent in Austin
  3. Attracting talent to Austin
  4. Showcasing the fact that Austin has an excellent game development community

We do this by holding events that are relevant to game developers in Austin, updating this website as a central depot of information and maintaining a community forum.


Newsletters are sent out only to our yahoo public list or private professional mailing list.  Joining this group through the IGDA interface does not mean you will get our newsletters.


Crowdfunding Policy:

The Austin Game Devs has adopted the following policy about advertising crowd funding campaigns, including Kickstarter, Indiegogo, and so on:

1. Contact austinigda@gmail.com, provide campaign link

2. We will review your campaign to ensure it is an Austin-Based product.

a. Your company is headquartered here

b. At least 50% of the development (not just support staff) is located in Austin

3. We will post on our Facebook page & website your campaign. ONCE

— You can comment on the Post to keep activity up, but we will not repost

–Why? If we post multiple times it will do you little good, and can start to annoy our readers. Hitting the same network over and over isn’t useful. So we will post once, during a strategic time that you choose.

4. Once the campaign is over we can post an update with your message. Make sure to provide links to places where people can do PayPal contributions, etc.

5. It takes time for us to get through our day too. Please give us at least 72 hours to get back to you.

If you wish to contact us please e-mail AustinIGDA@gmail.com.


Austin Game Devs is always looking for volunteers to help out in a variety of areas.  If you are interested in creating a better game development community we look forward to hearing from you.