Join your Austin Game Devs Leadership for the Austin – IGDA “2015 Retrospective and 2016 Plan” Meetup!


Join Austin Game Devs on Monday, March 7 to review our accomplishments from 2015 and to discuss strategic planning in 2016.

Chapter leadership will unveil our 2016 mission, how it corresponds to the greater Austin game development industry, event programming themes, and welcomes community input on which direction to take the chapter as we venture forward with new purpose and goals.

Join us for a meal and drinks, as well! We are excited to see what our friends (new and old) are up to and continue to provide our game development community with the resources needed to make Austin THE place for developers to work, grow, and create the highest quality products in the industry!

Bank of America / Merrill Lynch 2016 Austin Technology Innovation Forum

2016-02-18 12.52.16

Along with a number of other representatives of the video game industry (nice seeing you Todd Coleman and Gordon Walton), I had the chance to attend Bank of America’s most recent Austin Technology Innovation Forum yesterday at the W Hotel.  Great talks by a number of interesting panelists and speakers.

No surprise that security was a top consideration.   The variety of topics, risk vectors and potential fixes is staggering.

2016-02-18 09.29.27

Lots of good discussion on how tech is transforming society; key areas: mobile, social, and big data – all considerations for game developers.  The “Internet of Things” is coming along fast – what kind of games can we make if everything is interconnected?  Interesting omission (at least at the macro level): VR.

2016-02-18 10.48.30

Thank you Bank of America and Merrill Lynch for the great event!  Looking forward to 2017.