Microtalks in Studio 6A: Everyone’s Back to School

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Everyone’s looking forward to the end of summer in Austin, except maybe those going back to school. But there’s no reason not to look forward to the start of a new school year, especially when MICROTALKS IS COMING WITH IT.
This is a FREE SHOW. IGDA membership is ENCOURAGED, but NOT REQUIRED. Microtalks is a speaker symposium in the vein of TED, O’Reilly’s IGNITE or pecha-kucha, where each speaker gets a limited amount of time (10 minutes) to speak with authority about his or her chosen subject.
Our focus is insight into video game development and the industry thereof, and reasons to appreciate Austin and what it has to offer said industry and those who are part of it.
If you haven’t been to KLRU Studio 6A, GET FAMILIAR WITH THE LOCATION AND SCOUT IT OUT FIRST. While the event is free, parking likely will not be. We’ll have refreshments available, and we’re hoping to line up a sponsor to cover costs.
Speakers to include:
Chris Kokkinos – Gamesalad designer, audio guy, occasional bartender
Shay Pierce – mobile game developer and occasional headline-grabber
Sheri Graner Ray – speaker, author, game designer, race car driver, no one’s novelty
Billy Joe Cain – not just the Rock Band guy, seeker of Better Ways
Dan Magaha – the boss you wish you had, and that he’d wish to be
Larry Kleinkemper – laser beams and community building
with musical guest, Amanda Lepre ( www.amandalepre.com )!
Please help us spread the word! We want to pack as many seats as we can!