March 2011 Microtalks

Location: KLRU-TV, Studio 6A (6th floor), 2504B Whitis, Austin, TX

IGDA-Austin Microtalks is coming to the original home of the Austin City Limits music show on PBS, KLRU-TV Studio 6A. Map:

Speakers, their credentials and topics include:

  • Zach Vowell – archivist of the UT Video Game Archive: What’s going on at the archive?
  • Ian Bullard – senior engineer, Total Immersion Studios: How programmers and non-programmers can talk to each other
  • Tess Snider – programmer/designer, ex- of Trion Worlds, now Pixelsea: All about normal mapping
  • Jason Hughes – programmer/president, Steel Penny Games: Lean development studio models, and how their time has come
  • Ed Stark – senior designer Vigil Games/THQ, ex- of TSR from the D&D v3 and v3.5 era: How stories in games ought to be told
  • Aaron Romo – artist/animator, Powerhouse Animation: Working for your next client
  • Sloan Spaeth – real estate agent at Aquila Commercial: Can your office space ruin your company?

This will be, once again, a free show. Spread the word!



Facebook signup page:

Parking options:
San Antonio Garage and 27th Street Garages are the closest to the building, but without a permit, you’ll be charged a fee.
Other options within walking distance might be available on the west side of Guadalupe.