AGD Legal Workshop: Legal Experts on your Gaming or Tech Venture

On 20 June, the Austin Game Developers Association is pleased to present a small studio and venture legal workshop sponsored by Michael Best, an AMLAW 200 firm located in Austin.

The workshop is going to cover the most important legal documents needed by small video game studios. Experts in corporate transactions will walk attendees through key organizational documents such as the non-disclosure agreement, work for hire, invention assignment, contractor agreements for art, music and code, as well as sample terms of service and privacy policies. Attendees will get digital copies of these documents to take with them and put into practice immediately!

Event takes place at Capital Factory. Doors open at 6:30 and talk starts at 7:00. Q&A starts at 8:30. Open to the public and free! Parking is available beneath the Omni and on the street, so arrive early to find parking and secure a seat!

More about Michale Best Law Firm here:

2nd Annual Austin Game Devs Showcase


The Austin Game Devs Showcase is back!

May 28th, Austin Game Devs is celebrating Capital Factory’s awesome new VR co-working space with the biggest showcase yet! The doors will be open to the public, and inviting you to join local teams for an inside look at what the Austin game development scene has been up to! We will feature demos for fans of every genre! The Austin Game Dev Showcase is the largest free annual demo event, with titles that range from non-commercial art projects to critically-acclaimed AAA titles with huge commercial success! Come one, come all!

Register here to exhibit your game/experience!

This year, we’re cranking the fun up to 11 with free food, door prizes, and a playable retro arcade exhibit courtesy of Game Plan Entertainment! In case that wasn’t enough, this year we’re hosting even MORE VR stations, and helping Capital Factory unveil their VR co-working space!

Bring your friends and family, and enjoy a day with us playing video games! Meet some of Austin’s most prolific game developers, and help us celebrate the games community in style!

Thank you to all of our sponsors for making this event possible: Capital Factory, Michael Best, PluralSight, Game Plan Entertainment, Tito’s Vodka and Chicken Waffle!

This event is open to the public and is an all-age event!

You can find the event on both Meetup and Facebook!


Michael Best (Title Sponsor – Austin Game Developers)

Businesses need more from a law firm than skilled advice and representation alone — they need a long-term strategic partner like Michael Best. We’ve earned many loyal clients by understanding each one’s unique goals, opportunities, and challenges and by delivering results, year after year. Our focus is on your entire organization, not just on the legal matters we’re involved in.

Michael Best is a full service firm with more than 230 lawyers who provide our clients with the exceptional legal service and business acumen that have defined our firm for generations.  We serve regional, national, and international corporations, as well as municipalities, trade associations, nonprofits, family trusts, and individuals. Our clients range in size from small start-up ventures to global Fortune 500 companies, in many different industries. Michael Best has a long history of serving clients in the consumer and industrial products sectors. As those sectors evolve, our practice has grown to encompass a diverse range of technology and software clients. We work in collaborative, cross-practice teams that focus not only on legal and regulatory matters, but also on operational issues, market opportunities, and competitive advantage. We always strive to provide excellent service within a highly competitive cost structure, and clients consistently praise our responsiveness and value.

We look forward to serving you next.

Pluralsight (Lead Sponsor – Austin Gaming Showcase)

Pluralsight is the technology learning platform that helps students measure and grow their skills, accelerate their careers and solve problems faster. The platform includes 5,500+ courses from leading experts, skill assessments and on-demand mentoring. Pluralsight is actively looking for authors to help grow our library on game development content.

If you have skills in Unity, Unreal, AR, VR, Asset Production, VFX or code we want to talk to you. Learn about being a Pluralsight Author here: and apply by emailing

Hey Austin Game Developers,

You may have noticed a few changes around here lately! The biggest? We’ve begun using our “Austin Game Developers Association” (aka “Austin Game Devs”) name a whole lot more.

Given Austin’s incredible place within the world of game development, we wanted to better showcase our incredible Austin-based community first and foremost.   That means a lot more focus on Austin, on the indie developer scene, and continuing to “help great game developers make great game companies!”   You’ll see that change on our website, our Facebook page, Meetup Group and Twitter handle!

Of course, we’re still thrilled to work with the International Game Developers Association.  But we always want you to know that our heart, and our roots, are right here in Austin!

Dev On.

-Austin Game Developer Steering Committee

SXSW Game Dev Dinner and Mixer

Hello Austin Developers and out-of-town guests!

We are excited for another fun and frenzied SXSW/SXSW Gaming! Want to come be with your people? Come join us at the Black Star Co op Pub & Brewery for some drinks and great company. No format here, we’ll just decompress, meet old friends, and make new ones. Wear something green, cause it’s also St. Patrick’s Day!

If you need a place to be after the expo floor closes, this is it. Please rsvp and help us prepare Black Star for required reserved space.

We’ll see you all there!

Black Star Co-op is located at Midtown Commons, right by the Crestview train station. We strongly recommend taking the train or bus to the event, as parking can can fill up quickly.

Austin IGDA at SXSW

Austin IGDA will have a booth at SXSW Gaming again this year to show off what a great place Austin is for game development. We’ll have several local small development teams showing their games as well as some demonstrations of what game developers do during the day.

SXSW Gaming runs from Thursday, March 16 until Saturday March 18. The expo floor is open from noon to 8pm.

“Black Ice” by Super Duper Game Company

Black Ice is a cyberpunk first person shooter (FPS) with strong RPG elements. Think Borderlands meets Tron. Jack into cyberspace and make hacking runs on megacorp servers, but watch out for the dangerous Black Ice defending them!

“Candle: Darkness Returns” by Mursa Major and Teggy Games

Candle: Darkness Returns is an upcoming 2D platformer for iOS. Follow Vela, a young wizard’s apprentice, who is transformed into a candle by an evil darkness. Run and jump your way through 4 unique, hand-painted worlds as Vela attempts to transform herself back to normal by collecting four enchanted items that have been hidden throughout the land.

“Cosmos Arena” by Astire Games

Cosmos Arena is a 4-player action platformer that combines cooperative and competitive gameplay. 

“Delenda Airlines” by Team Dogpit

Flying as it was meant to be: glamorous, romantic, and stressful as hell! Guide the crew of the world’s most chaotic airline to please their passengers as they freak out over the turbulence and the long wait for dinner service. (Disclaimer: A flight attendant might’ve been harmed in the making of this game.)

“Disastr Blastr” by Dog Theory Games

Descend into a radical new dimension of abstract minimalist arcade fury in Disastr_Blastr! Blaze your merciless path of devastation through an expansive non-linear game world with 100+ stages of cortex-shattering cubic mayhem!

“Kova” by Black Hive Media

Kova is a metroidvania RPG set in a distant, technologically-advanced future when human-kind has colonized planets across galaxies.

“Omegatech” by Megaworld

“Out Foxed” by Astire Games

Out Foxed is a stealth game where the player tries to rescue chickens (which are really scientists) from the evil pigs.

“Outpost Delta” by Hidden Achievement

Outpost Delta, the latest game from Hidden Achievement, is a single player, 2-D side-scrolling sci-fi shooter for PC. Take on the role of Delta, the outpost’s emergency defense, along with her AI companion, Joule, as you defend the outpost against alien intruders called the “Klaath.”

“PaniCats” by Slyonics

Herd your cats past traps and obstacles but be gentle, panic is contagious!”

“RogueCraft Squadron” by Missing Sentinel Software

RogueCraft Squadron is a futuristic spaceship strategy game with roguelike elements.

“A Snake’s Tail” by Michael Fairly

A Snake’s Tail is a puzzle game about snakes in cramped places.

“Tonight We Riot” by Pixel Pushers Union 512

Tonight We Riot is “Streets of Rage” meets “Pikmin” with bricks and molotov cocktails punching up against dystopian capitalism

“Witchkin” by Coven Games

Witchkin is a first-person, single-player horror game for PC and Rift/Vive where you play as a child trapped in a house filled with terrifying toys in the 1920s. You must progress up the floors of the house from the basement to the attic; on each floor, you are stalked by a different toy. We will be demoing it on the Oculus Rift.

Development demonstrations:

Eric Lothspeich from EMLstudio, LLC

EMLstudio is an art company that specializes in 2D game-art production. It focuses on UI/UX design, concept art, and animation.

The art-demo will demonstrate a pixel-art creature design for Hidden Achievement’s upcoming 2D sci-fi-platformer, Outpost: Delta. Design will include concept art, coloring, and animation using Aseprite, focusing on the game-design of the enemy, its personality, and how it will move throughout its different states in the game.

Jordan Overmyer from Mursa Major

Jordan will be developing some new levels for Candle: Darkness Returns in Unity3D.

Black Hive Media staff

The art and programming teams from Black Hive Media will demonstrating the creation of game art and showing some game programming

Joel Christiansen from Dog Theory Games

Joel will be making some low-res pixel art for Dog Theory’s game StarGirl Super Emma

Full schedule:

Thursday 3/16 Noon-2PM

Candle: Darkness Returns, Coven

Thursday 3/16 2PM-4PM

PaniCats, One Man BP, Outpost Delta

Thursday 3/16 4PM-6PM

PaniCats, One Man BP, Omegatech, Jordan Overmyer level building demo

Thursday 3/16 6PM-8PM

Tonight We Riot, Out Foxed, Jordan Overmyer level building demo

Friday 3/17 Noon-2PM

Out Foxed, Tonight We Riot

Friday 3/17 2PM-4PM

#ResistJam, RogueCraft Squadron

Friday 3/17 4PM-6PM

#ResistJam, A Snake’s Tail

Friday 3/17 6PM-8PM

Black Ice, Delenda Airlines, Eric Lothspeich art demo

Saturday 3/18 Noon-2PM

Cosmos Arena, Black Ice, Black Hive Media art and programming demos

Saturday 3/18 2PM-4PM

Cosmos Arena, Witchkin, A Snake’s Tail, #ResistJam development demo

Saturday 3/18 4PM-6PM

Kova, Outpost Delta, Joel Christiansen

Saturday 3/18 6PM-8PM

Disastr_Blastr, Delenda Airlines, Candle: Darkness Returns

Austin Game Dev Association – 2016 Retrospective and 2017 Plan

Austin Game Developers Association (2)



Come join the Austin Game Developers Association (IGDA Affiliate) for an evening of fun and networking at Mr. Tramps. We’ll review the events we held in 2016 and talk about our plans for 2017. Future events include: the second annual Austin Game Showcase, a potential return of the Game Dev Picnic, an upcoming workshop by an AMLAW 200 firm to help indie devs with their legal needs, our plans for SXSW and more.

6:30 PM – Doors Open / Networking
7:00 – 8:00 PM – Presentation by Austin Game Devs (2016 Retrspective / 2017 Plan)
8:00 – 9:00 PM – Q&A / Networking

What we’re looking for help with this year from volunteers:

* Website coordinator
* Event content writer
* Event planner / manager
* Fundraising coordinator
* Organization outreach
* Austin Game Showcase
* SXSW Booth
* AGD Picnic
* Member, Steering Committee

First round is on us!

Austin Game Devs is a volunteer run and donation supported organization focused on helping great game developers make great game companies. We hold monthly high-impact events on the biggest topics facing indie studio heads. Last year we held events on strategic planning, financial management, game production and marketing among others. Everyone is welcome to attend and our events are 100% free.

Partnering With Publishers in the Age of Self-Publishing


In today’s age of digital publishing, video game developers are no longer required to partner with publishers to get their games to customers. That said, successfully bringing a game to market requires a LOT of work that is outside of game development, which is why a number of independently-funded developers still choose to work with publishers. This session will discuss the publisher/developer relationship, what makes those relationships work and what each party can bring to the table in order to launch and promote games to their fullest potential.


• Elizabeth Howard :: VP of Publishing at Aspyr Media
• Kellen Kincaid :: Business Analyst
• Michael Blair :: Sales Manager


• The event will take place at WeWork University Park on the 7th floor of the building in the Lounge area
• Free parking is available via the parking garage attached to the east side of the building
• Enter through the building’s 1st floor lobby, take the elevator to the 7th floor, and sign in at the Lounge area just past the elevator landing

Austin Game Devs – Marketing Panel: Breaking Through the Noise and Building Loyal Fans


Austin Game Devs, your local IGDA affiliate, is excited to bring a panel event that impacts all aspects of game development: AGD’s Marketing Panel: Breaking Through the Noise and Building Loyal fans!

Some people just want to make games- others want to make great games that actually make it to the hands of customers. Learn what it takes to market your game, brand your studio, acquire a fanbase, foster loyalty, and garner media and industry attention. We’ll talk about how to differentiate your game from the competition and what you need to know to break through the noise. We’ll also discuss how your audience is your most powerful asset in generating buzz and what simple things you can do (starting tomorrow) to get paying customers on board to play (and pay) for your game!

Bring a pad and paper, because we’re going to have a lot of great tips and tools you won’t want to miss out on!

Free parking is available at The Domain; we recommend the Macy’s parking lot!

Our panel of experts in game development and advertising include:


Yvonne Tocquigny – Yvonne Tocquigny Branding Group

Yvonne is the founder of Tocquigny, an internationally recognized digital marketing firm located in Austin, Texas. In 2015, Tocquigny was purchased. Today, Yvonne runs a new brand consultancy for emerging companies called Yvonne Tocquigny Branding Group. This firm helps companies that want to grow to create differentiating messages, go to market strategies, and memorable brand images. Yvonne Tocquigny is an investor and mentor for startups. She is a Founding Partner and lead mentor with the Capital Factory, an Austin incubator for companies that draws business talent from across the country. She is also an investor and mentor with the ATX fund. Yvonne can be reached at


Autumn Taylor – Phaser Lock Int.
Autumn Taylor is the Media Director for Phaser Lock Interactive, an Austin-based virtual reality video game development company. The company recently launched their first game, Final Approach, for the HTC Vive and plans to release the game for Oculus Touch and Playstation VR. She graduated from the University of Texas at Austin with a degree in Public Relations and concentration in Advertising with Texas Media. She has worked with a broad range of technology clients and found her place in the virtual reality industry through her involvement with personal game development and the Austin indie game community. In addition to her work with Phaser Lock Interactive, she is also an organizer for VR Austin and contributes to local VR community-building efforts, advocating for women and diversity in the video game and virtual reality industries.


Deborah Beckman – Certain Affinity

Deborah Beckman is the Marketing & PR Director at game developer, Certain Affinity. Deborah’s 10+ years of experience in marketing various forms of entertainment, including cable network (G4TV), TV shows (American Horror Story, X-Play, American Ninja Warrior), films (The Wolverine, The Secret Life of Walter Mitty), comic books and games. Her experience runs from digital / social, grassroots, fully integrated campaigns, events and paid media. She has fantastic insight in how game studios can promote their brand/studio/product when you may not be able to discuss the product specifically. She is no stranger to working with influencers and partnering with top consumer brands/publications for cross promotion!


Cy Wise – Owlchemy Labs

Cy Wise is a games industry generalist, consultant, and sociologist residing in Austin, TX. A ten-year games industry veteran, she has worked on multiple VR titles including Owlchemy Labs’ multi-platform, room-scale title, Job Simulator as well as award-winning AAA MMO games. A graduate of UT Austin, she studied Sociology with a specialization in video game communities, and digital tribes. When she is not professionally managing VR communities, she is casually managing VR communities as a co-organizer of VR Austin. She is currently Owlchemy Labs’ multi-hat-wearing designer, marketer, writer, and community wrangler, colloquially called “Owlmancer.”


Seraphina Brennan – Trion Worlds

Perpetually surrounded by games of all types, Seraphina Brennan is the Senior Community Manager of Trion Worlds’ Austin, TX office. Armed with a psychology degree and a passion for gaming, Seraphina has been involved in a variety of titles in her career including The Lord of the Rings Online, Batman: Arkham City, the F.E.A.R. Franchise, and her current love, ArcheAge. Her work has spanned community management, creative writing, game design, in-game event coordination, livestream production, and more. Seraphina has been turning heads and helping define best practices in leading large web communities through engagement and retention campaigns through social media, community forums, and in-game community activities.

Resume Roast


Students and new entrants to the video game industry, come sharpen your resume by getting it roasted by some of the top industry veterans in Austin. Submit your resume by *EXTENDED* September 14th, for a chance to have it roasted. The first 40 resumes will be sent back with detailed notes on how to improve your resume. 5 will be chosen to be reviewed on stage by a live panel of reviewers. These “Roasters” will be breaking them down and building them back up. All in a funny lighthearted fashion that will seriously up your resume game.

Send your resume to the email address below.  If you want feedback, but don’t want to be roasted, just say so in the body of your email.   If your resume is selected to be roasted by the panel, all identifying info (name, email, address) will be removed.

Submission details:
Subject Line: Resume Roast
Document Format: Word Document. NOT a PDF
Deadline for Resume Submission: September 14th

Event: September 19th on UT Campus; Doors open at 6:30 PM – panel starts at 7:00

PARKING: San Jacinto Parking Garage